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Kedron Scouts campsite for Kedron Survivor


Thirteen eager Scouts from Kedron spent four days at BP Park for the Kedron Survivor challenge.

After being split into two teams, the Green Goblins and the Blue Bandits set up camp.  The teams made catapults for the first challenge, seeing how far they could throw lollies and how high to shoot a ball.

The Scouts scoured the area to find firewood, build a fire and make a delicious dinner of stuffed potatoes before toasting marshmallows.

Kedron Scouts around the campfire during Kedron Survivor
Kedron Scouts build a catapult for Kedron Survivor


The next challenge was an obstacle course which included running across a slippery tarp, crawling under an army cargo net, jumping through a jelly bath, and navigate some ropes to get the puzzle pieces needed to construct a puzzle.  The first team home was the Blue Bandits.

The two teams took a hike on day three, though instead of hiking just 4.2km, they took a few interesting turns and ended up hiking 6.4km.  Despite the cold, the Scouts managed a swim in the pool after the hike.

Thanks to Kythira and Kalypso, Kedron Survivor was loads of fun and the Scouts are looking forward to doing it again in the future.

Kedron Scouts obstacle course for Kedron Survivor
Kedron Scouts taking on the obstacle course at Kedron Survivor

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