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Kedron Scouts Community Garden


Spring has sprung at Kedron Scouts with the construction, filling and planting of our Community Herb Garden.

While the Community Herb Garden has been an idea for Kedron Scouts for a few years, the support of gift vouchers from Bunnings through our Activities Evenings made it possible to build the garden.

Kedron Scout members – cubs, scouts, venturers and rovers – along with leaders and parents volunteered their time to build the garden beds, fill them and plant a range of herbs.

It was also an opportunity to refresh the picnic tables and lay turf, making the scout den grounds more attractive.

Kedron Scouts Community Garden bed
Kedron Scouts Community Garden Beds


Some of the jobs were not easy – a lot of physical labour was needed.

The youth at Kedron Scouts had the opportunity to measure and cut timber, paint picnic tables, shovel soil and aggregate, drive star pickets, paint, level and carpentry, lay turf, measure, cut and lay material, collect compost and, of course, dig and plant the herbs.

The youth also made herb identification signs and chalk boards, and covered the beds with possum-proof netting.

This activity showed that Kedron is not just a Scout Group, but an integral part of our community.  The project was led by Nick K as part of his Venturer Scout and Queen Scout badge work.

If you would like to be part of projects like this one or many of the other exciting things you can do as a Kedron Scout, please Contact us to find out more about joining Kedron Scouts.

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