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Planning and leading a two-hour hike is a key element of achieving your Grey Wolf Award.   

Cub Scouts need to use a map to plan their hike, leading 3-6 Cub Scouts.  They need to ensure everyone has appropriate equipment, clothing, food and a personal first aid kit.

The Cub Scout leading the hike needs to make decisions on which path to take, when to stop for a rest, reading the map and using compass points along the way.

Riley Grey Wolf Award hike
Amy Grey Wolf Award hike

In the past six months we’ve seen Kedron Cub Scouts lead hikes in:

  • Brisbane Forest Park
  • Mt Ngungun
  • Bunyaville State Park
  • Kedron Brook Path.

It’s a great way to get the pack involved and always makes for a great morning walk in the fresh air.


If you are interested in chasing the Grey Wolf Award as a Kedron Cub Scout, contact us.

Alex Grey Wolf Award Hike

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