Cub Scouts is the second section in Scouts. It’s for boys and girls aged 8 to 10 and is all about adventure!

If you enjoy fun, games and learning new skills then you’ll love being a Cub. As a member of a ‘Six’ you and your Pack will work together to explore the world. Your Cub Scout Leader will help you along the way and encourage you to participate in Scouting activities. You’ll learn life-long skills and participate in the Cub Scouts Award Scheme and earn badges, make friends and have fun!

Program ideas are taken from their Badge Achievement Book (Yellow Book) and from the Jungle Book.  Cubs achieve badge work from the Bronze Boomerang through to the Grey Wolf Award.

In 2016, our Cub Scout numbers grew so fast we started a second Pack.   Section Leader of our Monday Pack has been in Scouts since she was 7yo and understands life as a Cub Scout.

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What can I do as a Cub in Kedron Scouts?

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As a Cub Scout, you can:

  • Enjoy bush walks and discover our environment
  • Learn water-safety skills and go canoeing
  • Orienteer and learn to read maps and compasses
  • Learn practical skills like knots and construction
  • Perform team activities and meet individual challenges
  • Learn to cook damper and other camp foods
  • Go camping with your friends
  • Attend and be part of cultural activities such as the Wonargo Revue and Brisbane Gang Show
  • Learn about First Aid
  • Show your creativity in art and craft sessions, plays and skits

Cubs may commence transition any time after they turn 10½ and progress to scouts by their 11th birthday.

“Going on camps and making damper with my hands is so much fun”, Mitchell, 9yo.

Want to know more?

If you would like to more about being a Cub, go to:

Scouts Queensland – Cubs