Our Scouting sections are supported by qualified adult leaders and Scouting parents.

Group Leader

Kooka - Kedron Scout Leader

Kooka (Kay)

My name is Kooka, which comes from being the cook at Cub Scout camps in 1986.  I lay claim to loving birds, especially kookaburras, so a double reason for the Scouting name.  After three years as equivalent to an Adult Helper, I took up my first trained scouting role as a Leader in Kedron’s first Joey Scout mob.  From then I became a District Leader in this section, then ran the district as District Commissioner before moving to Branch Commissioner in Promotions.  I have been the Group Leader of Kedron for around 13 years.

My four children have made their way through every section of Scouting.  I have witnessed the benefits they have received in life skills from many fantastic leaders.  I wish to be able to pass on my skills to others, including Scout leaders, to carry on building resilient self-sufficient young people.  Apart from this, l still am responsible for Front of House for the ‘on stage’ cultural activities for the Wonargo Revue.

I’ve been involved in Kedron Scouts for the past 32 years and have had all my children, my partner and myself there since this time.  Scouting provides such a strong community foundation, I am proud to be involved in an organisation that has taught and involved so many young people in developing skills to sustain them throughout their lives.

In my professional career I am a trained Regional and Town Planner and i worked for many years as a Community Services Manager. I currently run a small business as an Authorised Civil Celebrant. My hobbies include spending time at the coast, gardening, water sports and reading.

Joey Scout Leaders

Kuppi (Susie)

I was given the name ‘Possum’ when I helped on my son’s first cub camp at Murrenbong in 1994.  The next year I became a Joey Scout Leader and became ‘Kuppi’ (aboriginal for possum).  Three of my children have gone from Joeys though to Rovers with my oldest joining as a Scout, she is still involved today.  I now have the next generation of my family starting their journey in the scouting way.

After 15 years working in a bank, I left for more rewarding work within the community.

Kuppi - Kedron Scout Leader
Karamello - Kedron Joey Scout Leader

Karamello (Riss)

I first started coming to Scouts when my brother was 6 years old.  My mother had to go out and do some errands one afternoon, and I didn’t want to go, so I asked the Joey Scout leaders if I could stay for the afternoon and fell in love with helping out the Joey age group.  I started coming every week with my brother. When he was old enough to go to cubs, I still came to Joeys as a Youth Helper.

I picked a lovely Aboriginal name for myself that no-one could remember and sounded similar to Karamello. Over time, the other leaders started calling me Karamello and the name stuck.

When I turned 18, I trained to become a qualified Joey Scout Leader and I have loved Scouts and being with this age group ever since.

Being with children is my passion as I work in a High School as a Teacher Aide.

Cub Scout Leaders

Kimba - Kedron Scout Leader

Kimba (Julia)

I joined the movement as a Cub Scout at Nundah-Northgate as a 7yo and achieved my Grey Wolf award (peak award) while thoroughly enjoying all the exciting opportunities on offer including learning Scoutcraft through the story of the Jungle Book, belonging to the pack, being a Sixer and meeting new friends.  At the age of 11, I advanced to Scouts where I achieved my Australian Scout Medallion (peak award) while being able to collaborate with others, hold leadership positions and participate in a wide variety of district, region, state and national events including a Jamboree.

At 15, I advanced to Venturer Scouts where I enjoyed the wide variety of opportunities that allowed me to choose my own adventure including being selected to participate in both state and national leadership conferences, complete VET courses in canoeing and be an active youth helper in the younger sections.

By 18, I was a Rover and am still an active member of the Boyd Park Rover Crew.  Also at the age of 18, I began my leader training and transition to the role of Cub Scout Leader at Kedron. I have since completed my basic and advanced training. Being a leader has allowed me to continue to grow and further develop my leadership qualities, meet a wide variety of leaders, learn from other people and interact with the wider community. I want the opportunity to give back and support youth, just like I experienced growing up.

As well as regular attendance at Rovers and Cubs each week, I enjoy being part of the extra-curricular activities that Scouting has to offer. This includes being part of the Wonargo Revue family (a variety show put on by Scouts Queensland) for 10 years, attending Agooneree (a camp run by Scouts and Guides to support children with Special Needs) for 8 years and being a member of the Statewide Branch Youth Council.

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Primary Education majoring in Special Education. As well as full time study, I have two part-time jobs as a teacher-aide at a Special School and for a Respite Agency.  I also love to travel the world, spend time with my family and friends, and participate in outdoor activities.



Kenzie (McKenzie)

My first experience with Kedron Scouts was starting as a Cub Scout Leader. Being new meant deciphering all that is unique to Scouts … and what a job that is! So when choosing a name for myself, I thought keeping it simple would be a pretty great idea, hence the name, Kenzie.

Outside of Scouts and throughout my University years, I have worked with children in a variety of capacities, from tutoring to disability support work and special needs camps. At present, I am a Critical Care Nurse, who spends far too much time engaged in postgraduate study.


Kedron Cub Scout Leader Kenzie

Scout Leaders

Kythira - Kedron Scout Leader

Kythira (Maeve)

I joined the Scouting movement in 2003 as a Joey at Kedron Scout Group.  Since then I’ve been to two other groups before returning to Kedron to join the Rover crew.

Not only am I a gymnastics coach and fan of the movie Transformers, I’m passionate about ancient history and have a great interest in all things Spartan and Viking.  My name Kythira is known in Greek mythology to be the celestial island of Aphrodite.

All members of my family have either been in Scouts or helped behind the scenes.  I’ve been strongly involved in Wonargo Revue since 2006, both on stage and behind.

Being in Scouts has opened many opportunities for me and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without my great leaders.  Hopefully I can take everything I have learnt from them and give you a wonderful Scouting experience.


Kedron Scout Leader Kalypso

Venturer Scout Leaders

Kermit Kedron Venturer Leader

Kermit (Jeremy)

I have been involved in scouting since I was 6yo and progressed through each section – from Joeys to Rovers.   I have been a trained Venturer leader for over 2 years now and in that time have put through two Queen’s Scouts. The Queen’s Scout Award is the highest youth award achievable in the Scouting movement in Australia.  My aim for Kedron Venturers is to attain four more Queen’s Scouts in the next two years.

My scouting interests are abseiling and rock climbing, as well as enjoying soccer.  Some people may know me from the Wonargo Revue, which is a theatrical activity run by Scouts, where I’m an Assistant Choreographer. 

For the past 16 years, I’ve also been heavily involved with the Brisbane Gang Show.  Currently I am on the Programs Team and am responsible for the Scout aged youth.  Scouting through the arts is an amazing experience and every scout should experience this at least once.

Scouting is family to me; many of my immediate family are also active members of Scouting.

I am a devoted scout and I love every minute in scouting and enjoy what scouting has to offer.

Our Committee

While the Kedron Scout Group cannot function without the scouting experience of its Leaders, the Leaders and Group need the support of a well organized Committee.  Parents and the local community can be involved in Kedron Scouts by taking on an official position or helping in a variety of different ways.     

The Committee members are 100% volunteers and enjoy making a vibrant successful community group.  Positions include the traditional roles of Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary, as well as the Badge Secretary, Working Bee Coordinator and Quartermaster.  No offer of help is ever turned away.  Parents can also help with fundraising, working bees, camps and hiring of the Den.    

If you are interested in joining the Committee or helping with Kedron Scouts, please contact us.

Kedron Scout Committee