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Kedron Cub Scouts canoeing at Karingal

Over 20 Kedron Cub Scouts participated in the Charles S Snow District Camp at Karingal in Mount Cotton.  It was a great camp with over 100 Cub Scouts from 9 groups across the district.

It was a weekend of pirate-themed activities and the first day started with everyone making and floating their own pirate ships.   After making pirate bandannas, our Cub Scouts made rafts to float on the lake using timber, plastic pipes, bamboo poles and pool noodles.  It took a lot of great teamwork to make rafts that could float and carry the Cub Scouts.

On the second day, the Cub Scouts learnt to canoe on the lake, which led to a great race down the lake.  The Cub Scouts learnt the importance of working together to steer the canoe and propel it down the lake.

Each day the Cub Scouts assisted in making breakfast, lunch and dinner.  They were also responsible for washing their own dishes and keeping their tent clean and tidy.

The District Camp was organised by Kimba, one of the hard-working Cub Scout leaders at Kedron Scout Group.

Kedron Scout Group at Karingal Camp
Kedron Cub Scouts at Karingal
Kedron Cub Scouts at Karingal
Kedron Cub Scout pirate boats

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